Restarting my blog

I used to have a blog hosted by Gandi but when they stopped their support for Dotclear and somehow I lost all my content. Sometime last year (2022) I wanted to restart to blog to talk about my projects and what not. Given that I’m really just restarting in 2023 it took me a little more than 6 months to actually get something out of the door.

My hope is that I’ll be able to have a more active use of my time instead of watching YouTube or Facebook videos, I’ll do most probably a post that soon.

Why did I stop to blog ?

Over the last few years I (temporarily ?) lost interest into posting and even working on my home setup (I think we say homelab nowadays) and pet projects. It’s hard to pinpoint to a particular reason, I think that’s a combination of working in the Silicon Valley, getting older and being busy with family’s stuff. Working in the Silicon Valley is pretty energy intensive and when the day ends you don’t have too much energy to work on something else especially if it’s in the same space as what you are doing on a regular basis, there is a real cost for context switching (as for CPU 😊) which became more important as you get older; chasing small kids and ensuring that evening routines are done (cooking, eating, reading, cleaning, …) is consuming most of what remains.

Why did I restart then ?

Obviously I didn’t get any younger and I’m still in the Silicon Valley (given how the layoffs are going in 2023 this might hold true forever but fingers crossed) but I somehow managed to overcome part of the distraction and find new interest writing about things that I’m fixing or learning.