Fixing Salt LSP

I’m using Salt for managing configuration and I have been making changes to my VIM configuration relying more on LanguageServer to help with the autocomplete and as I’m spending more time with Salt I become fustrated by not having autocomplete in my state files.

Turns out that there was something already for acting as a Saltstack LS, turns out also that there was some significant limitations as it couldn’t handle states with Jinja2 snippet among other things.

Over the course of a few evenings at the begining of January I decided to have a serious look, and pushed a new version (0.0.2) in my own repo: ekacnet’s salt-lsp.

It seems to be working pretty well, I’m sure that there is a ton of things missing for instance it doesn’t offer complete for require because it can’t extract it from the documentation same for unless or onlyif, I guess there should be a 0.0.3 or 0.1 version at some point.