Updates on my vim configuration

I just updated my vim configuration available in my dotfiles repo. I tried to avoid tools (ie. ruby) that don’t always have on a machine (ie. raspberry pi) to install things and instead prefer (borring) shell.

Over the years I went through multiple iteration, I started stealing Metze and Tridge configuration. Then I tried Maximum-awesome this was great but there was too many plugins and a lot of configuration options that I didn’t really know they were doing so I wasn’t using a lot of it.

I went back to a more simple configuration that I think I understand and that is heavily commented and a somewhat limited set of plugins:

My install script contains other repositories (31) but I’m not convinced that I need them so I would rather travel light.

One thing that I did lately was adding support for search of visual selected words/letters, until then my keybinding (Esc + k) would search the whole word that was under the cursor by passing \b<cword>\b to Ack but I found myself needing to see if there was a function with the same prefix as the one under my cursor. Let’s suppose that I had getVolume under my cursor I could go in visual mode select getVolume and press Esc + k and it now it would do a search for <cword> yielding results for getVolume but also getVolumeImperial.