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  • Fixing Salt LSP

    I’m using Salt for managing configuration and I have been making changes to my VIM configuration relying more on LanguageServer to help with the autocomplete and as I’m spending more time with Salt I become fustrated by not having autocomplete in my state files.

    Turns out that there was something already for acting as...

  • So you want to have a non recursive build

    Well maybe you don’t want but for some reasons you need one.

    I’ve started to spend some time in the Dibbler codebase and lately I also wanted to try ALE with C++. I’ll write more about my journey with Vim and ALE in a later post.

    The very first time I...

  • Updates on my vim configuration

    I just updated my vim configuration available in my dotfiles repo. I tried to avoid tools (ie. ruby) that don’t always have on a machine (ie. raspberry pi) to install things and instead prefer (borring) shell.

    Over the years I went through multiple iteration, I started stealing Metze and Tridge configuration. Then I tried Maximum-awesome this...

  • Restarting my blog

    I used to have a blog hosted by Gandi but when they stopped their support for Dotclear and somehow I lost all my content. Sometime last year (2022) I wanted to restart to blog to talk about my projects and what not. Given that I’m really just restarting in 2023 it took me a little more than 6 months to...

  • Adding IPv6 at home at last !

    I finally took the time lately to one more time have a more serious look at IPv6. Last time I did that it was 6 years ago at it was not great, my ISP at that time (Sonic over AT&T FTTN) was not offering native IPv6.

    Initially I got around it by doing IPv6 over IPv4 but one day it...